I-Kuan Tao

What is I-Kuan Tao? 一貫道是什麼?

I-Kuan Tao, pronounced Yee Guan Dao, is a religious group that carries, promotes, and transmits the Esoteric Dharma (teaching) awarded by God in this eschatological age.


Life consists of physical body and spiritual soul. Our bodies are created by our parents and our souls are created by the ultimate supreme spiritual being.

Most people call the ultimate supreme spiritual being God. We call this spiritual being Míngmíng Shàngdì or Lǎo Mǔ, meaning Heavenly Mother.

Our lives are dominated by our minds and our minds are our souls in function. Our souls are therefore the essence of our lives.

Soul never dies. It means we will continue to live even without our body. Therefore, we had lives before current life and will have lives after. This phenomenon is call samsara or reincarnation.

Karma (deeds and volition) creates what we are today and will continue to influence our lives in future. It also means that we create our own lives. We, therefore, are responsible for our destiny.

We are capable of attaining buddhahood (enlightened being or ascended being) in which our lives will enjoy constant peace and beatific joy.